About WGN Personalized Products by Tukaiz

These are the most amazing and exciting products you will ever see. Simply put, the items we offer express emotion and put a smile on people’s faces. Since every one of our products are printed specifically with your needs in mind, we provide the ability to develop a piece unlike any other. That’s because we place personalized names that you submit into each image. Each item you order will be personalized with the name of your choice.

Throughout the year we will be adding new products that we are sure you’ll love. Be sure to keep listening to WGN Radio and check back here often to see the new products and images that we’ll be able to personalize just for you.

About Tukaiz

Tukaiz is a results-driven marketing communications service provider based in Franklin Park, IL. Founded in 1963, Tukaiz is a family owned and operated company owned by the Defino family providing products and services to advertising agencies and corporate America. The infrastructure of Tukaiz includes imaging, print, and interactive services comprised of in-house consulting, creative, prepress, color correction, retouching, as well as offset, digital, large format and banner printing, online print management systems, data development, website development/hosting, e-learning solutions, finishing, mailing and fulfillment services.

Tukaiz WGN Relationship

It all started back in 1993 when the Defino family, owners of Tukaiz sent an original Christmas song called “Merry Christmas to the Family” to Spike O’Dell delivered on a CD. The song was written and recorded as a Christmas gift to the Defino parents. Back then, burning music to CD’s was just getting noticed and was hardly being done. Spike loved the song so much that he played it frequently during the holiday seasons. From then on, a great friendship and partnership between WGN and the Defino family was born. Tukaiz and WGN worked together on many projects throughout the years including the development of Spike O’Dell’s webpage back in 1995. Next, it was the WGN Radio main website in 1997 and again revised in 2006. Soon thereafter, Tukaiz was asked to write the theme songs for the Chicago Cubs played at the beginning of all games broadcast on the radio. From 1998 through 2006, Tukaiz delivered 4 different songs. They can be heard at tukaiz.com. Tukaiz has just recently produced and recorded the opening theme song for the Chicago Blackhawks games which are broadcast on WGN Radio. Tukaiz continues to support WGN in their marketing efforts with the production of the WGN Cookbooks, Cubs schedules and many other marketing materials that use print and the internet. Tukaiz and WGN Radio continue to remain good friends and have developed a trusted business relationship for the past 27 years. Both Tukaiz and WGN are proud to now bring our newest product of image personalized calendars to the consumer market.

To learn more about Tukaiz, or to see how Tukaiz can help your business with marketing communications production services, please visit our website at www.tukaiz.com

If you should have any trouble during the ordering process, call 1-877-526-2698 and a live Tukaiz customer service professional will help you complete your order. If live assistance isn't immediately available please leave a message. You can be assured your phone number will not be used for solicitation or distributed to 3rd parties.

Tukaiz is the world leader in the creation and production of image personalized products.


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